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Marble Surface

The D8 buddy smoking device is a rechargeable smoking device engineered with advanced airflow technology to provide smooth hits while the user smokes. The 2500mg and 5000mg device has a wide variety of flavors ready for you to taste. The Delta 8 Buddy is available in disposable and cartridge forms depending on the preference of the user. Both the cartridges and the disposables are loaded in elegant tin packaging. Each box of D8 buddy contains 10 pieces of a single flavor.

Marble Surface
miracle d8 logo.png

Miracle Plus is an 1000mg delta-8 disposable smoking device that is engineered with similar advanced airflow technology when compared to the D8 Buddy Max. The Miracle device is packaged with royal designs along with a hard cardboard box. This allows for minimal leakage problems in the device and an elegant design for you to cherish. Miracle Plus has six flavors: Banana Kush, Zkittlez, Wedding Cake, Jilly Bean, Blueberry, and Biscotti. Miracle Plus is available in disposable and cartridge form. Each box of Miracle Plus contains 10 pieces of a single flavor.

Marble Surface
Skull Hit Logo.png

Skull 8 is a delta-8 disposable and cartridge brand that uses advanced technology to provide the smoker with a smooth and flavorful hit. Skull 8 is available in the cartridge form and disposable form. Skull 8 has the following 6 flavors: Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Haze, Gorilla Glue, and Mango Kush

D10 Buddy Graphic.jpg

Delta 10 Buddy

The Delta 10 Buddy, or D10 Buddy, disposables and cartridges are well-researched, efficient smoking devices that contain legal levels of THC. The device is created in technologically advanced factories with various tools and resources to bring a well-developed, finished product that smokers will simply die over. D10 Buddy is available in both cartridge and disposable form. The various, unique flavors of the D10 Buddy line are Apple Sativa, Blueberry Indica, Forbidden Fruit Indica, Ghost Train Sativa, Lemons Haze Sativa, and Pineapple Hybrid. 

D10 Buddy Graphic White.jpg
d8 hhco thcp mixed image.jpg


You heard it right. For the first time in the history of vaping, you can vape a blend of THC variants from one singular device. The disposables contain a whopping 5000mg of e-liquid. The UPPER BLEND device contains Delta 8 Live Resin and HHC-O whereas the UNIQ BLEND contains Delta 8 Live Resin and Delta 11! 

Flavor List: Girl Scout Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple, Green Crack, Purple Haze, Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Blue Dream, Blackberry Kush, GG5, Blue Dreams, Purple Punch, and Durban Poison

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